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Let me clear my throat!!

Have mercy, baby! I hope ya don’t mind! Let me clear my - AGHA AHA AGHA AHA


 やっちまったーやっちまったよーやっちまったよーん 会社辞めたい ※画像と関係はない


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Shameless bathroom selfie.

Black pools stared mindlessly at the faded mahogany walls in front of them. The eyes of a brother, a son, a tired soul. Lithe fingers traced the rim of a half-empty wine glass, which reflected the image of the seated Gabriel. “I don’t know whether I want to kill someone, fuck someone, or kill myself,” He uttered through a barely managed smile. Mildly amused by his own state of confusion and frustration, he let out a soft chuckle.


“How did I get here?” He cooed to his blood drenched hand, lifting it to meet his face.

The unpleasant but all too familiar sound of glass shattering reverberated throughout the tiny cabin as the wine glass Gabriel had been drinking from moments earlier exploded onto the walls. He calmly rose from the wooden chair he had spent the past couple of hours sitting and stewing in and paced over to the fog-covered windows.

“Just the life for me though, isn’t it?”

The flames inside the fireplace danced wildly, their brightness stretching Gabriel’s already lanky silhouette across the wooden walls and floors. Gabriel rested his forehead against the cold glass of the window and his shoulders began vibrating as he guffawed maniacally, breaking the deafening silence.

“Humans. Worthless humans.”

Gabriel – young man with a slight build that was donned in a black cloth robe – banged furiously against the window and soon the walls as he slumped further and further down into the ground, his laughter echoing through the room. The laughter grew louder as shards of glass pressed against his hands and knees.

Beyond the windows stretched a land occupied by nothing but foliage. A blackbird that was perched on a tree branch near the cabin took flight into the morning mist of the sky upon hearing the commotion.

The forest grew silent once again.


"Hollowman, you can’t live like this."

Today’s selfie. Curly locs.

Just booked my ticket to California..

California, here I come. A much needed and much deserved getaway.