This is for all you stupid fucking trolls and haters online, saying mean and hurtful things about fedoras. Well guess what, they roll harder than you, dipshits. You don’t know fucking anything about this hat, idiots. Quite frankly I think you’re just jealous ass haters, because you couldn’t even pull off this look. You couldn’t even wear a fedora if your lives depended on it, because you know what? It’s class. And class is for men and swag is for boys. But you wouldn’t know shit about that, fucking haters. This hat is for what cool people wear, and you can’t figure it out. You sit there online on your fucking websites and state bullshit about it, but guess what? It’s just a hat, and you’re not cool enough to wear it. So next time think before you do “trolling”. I emplore you to do a little thinking if that’s even possible for you. To think before you do fucking hating on fedoras. They’re just a hat, and you’re just a stupid swag idiot. You think swag is so cool, but guess what? It’s just for boys, and class is for men. This is class. That’s all i got to say to you stupid ass haters and bullshit bully trolls. You don’t know shit, you don’t know fashion, you don’t know anything about this world if you keep saying bullshit jokes. I know you’re just trying to be stupid and ass funny but it’s not fucking funny. Get the fuck offline if you’re gonna keep saying this bullshit, keep spamming it out of your stupid ass keyboards, that probably aren’t even mechanical. Listen, log off idiots, you don’t know shit. You stupid swag, you don’t know shit and I dare you to say one more fucking joke and I’ll slit your throat neck. Anyway, that’s it haters. See ya later, fucking idiots.

Senpai probably won’t notice you.

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been in love?


gotta-be-afraid asked:
Where the fuck do you get a rainbow fucking bagel okay because if thats not the coolest shit like.

I really enjoyed that bagel. I didn’t want that moment to end. I bought it on the 4th of July at a local bakery called The Bagel Shoppe. I went back the next day and they didn’t have anymore. It was a pretty sad moment for me. I’m glad someone else shares the same appreciation that I had for that rainbow bagel.

iamtheforeigner asked:
You're beautiful:)

Thank you. I appreciate that.

I’d like to take a moment to honor Mr. Robin Williams. 

Today is a dark day in the world. We lost a radiant soul.

I love how you wear eyeliner or makeup and people automatically decide this means you are femme and a girl, and there is no way you can identify as male, genderqueer, trans*, etc.

I am the ocean,
I am the sea,
There is a world inside of me.

Those not well-versed in anime or J-Fashion..

Not every dark skinned person with white hair is Storm or cosplaying as Storm or trying to look like Storm. The picture I just posted is not a cosplay picture. Storm doesn’t dress like that. She doesn’t have hair like that. She doesn’t even have red eyes. I don’t know what would give anyone the impression that I was cosplaying Storm, but I can only assume it is because I am dark skinned and have white hair in that photo. o_o Isn’t that a close-minded way of thinking? To inform you all: It is dansou and visual kei. If you do not know what dansou is, feel free to do some research. Let’s not put black people in tiny boxes, please.

I’ve noticed that when pertaining to the anime and Japanese fashion community, any time a dark-skinned person has white hair they’re automatically linked to Storm. She is not the only dark-skinned fictional character who has white hair, first of all, and secondly, if that person is masculine-identified it should occur to you that perhaps they’re cosplaying as a male or perhaps… not cosplaying at all?